Our team

We use our public sector perspective to create procurement insight, taking a consultative approach and help define best practice. Our values are integrity, innovation and intelligence.

We promote fairness, equality and sustainability in every aspect of our network, platform and people.

Lisa Bliss

Head of LCP / DM

Lisa has been with Haringey Council for over 16 years. Lisa’s procurement experience spans multiple sectors ranging from care, supplies and services, and construction. Since 2018 Lisa has established and led a dedicated team created to manage the Councils extensive portfolio of DPS systems and Framework, providing engagement with all stakeholders and suppliers.

Lisa is also responsible for leading on the London Construction Programme (LCP), a virtual organisation hosted by Haringey Council. The LCP is the one-stop-shop for procurement of public sector construction projects ranging from Professional Services, Minor Works and Major Works schemes across London and the Home Counties.

Now, over 40 public sector organisations are benefitting from efficient, compliant procurement processes that the LCP offers. Lisa has been instrumental in leading innovation in end-to-end procurement practices and more recently developed a full end to end technology to procure, contract and performance manage all contracts awarded via the LCP Framework.

Head shot of David Prior wearing glasses and a white shirt looking into the camera.

David Prior

Portfolio Manager

David has been with Haringey Council since 2013, initially in a Transport Contracts Officer within the SEN Passenger Transport team. During his time within the team, David was heavily involved in the implementation of the Councils first Dynamic Purchasing System for Passenger Transport.

2017 saw David move from the Transport team into a new role as a DPS Implementation Manager within strategic procurement, supporting on the management of the councils DPSs across a wide variety of service areas including the London Construction Programme.

David is one of the Commercial Business Officers and has developed strong relationships with his portfolio of members, providing professional procurement support  including brokering procurements using our technology platforms, running EOI’s and Soft Market Testing sessions.  David has been part of the development of both of the procurement systems and can often be found providing first line support and training to members and supplier alike.

Head shot of Anette Griffiths wearing her hair up and a chunky necklace looking into the camera.

Anette Griffith

Portfolio Manager

Anette has been with Haringey Council for over 16 years. Anette’s procurement experience spans multiple sectors ranging from supplies and services, Energy management, Care and now construction.

Since 2018 Anette has worked in the Commercial Revenue team which was established to manage the Councils extensive portfolio of Dynamic Purchasing systems and London Construction Programme.

Anette is one of 3 Commercial Business Officers, and has a portfolio of clients who she provides a professional procurement support service including brokering procurements using our technology platforms, running EOI’s and Soft Market Testing sessions to encourage collaboration between our stakeholders and much, much more.

Anette has been instrumental in leading innovation in end-to-end procurement practices and project management activities for the team and is an experienced and an integral part of the team.

Head shot of Maria wearing her hair down looking into the camera.

Maria Smith

Business & Compliance Officer

Maria has worked for various departments in the public sector for over 15 years and began her procurement experience when she joined Haringey council three years ago.

Maria provides business and project support on the London Construction Programme (LCP), and Haringey council’s other DPS’. Maria provides advice and guidance to suppliers wanting to join the DPS’, manages the access arrangements for the LCP platforms, provides data analysis to inform budget monitoring, revenue profiling, supplier and market dynamics, and supports with market engagement and promotional activities.

Head shot of Yian wearing dark blue shirt looking into the camera.

Yian Chrysanthou

Portfolio Manager

Yian has a decade of experience working in the in real estate finance and banking industry.  However, in recent years he built up his own business in the Digital Marketing space.

Yian brings with him a wealth of experience in digital marketing and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in promoting clients, products and services while increasing business revenue over various digital platforms.

As the newest member to join the London Construction Programme as a Commercial Business Officer Yian provides procurement services to his clients, works with his clients to build relationships between all stakeholders and plays an active role in promoting the LCP to the public sector within London and the Home Counties.


Can Kayserili

Portfolio Manager

Can joined Haringey Council as a 19 year old apprentice and has quickly become one of four procurement specialists. Having gained vast amounts of knowledge over the past four years within Strategic Procurement, which included working with both the CARE team and the Supplies and Services Team.

Can is the newest member of the LCP, completing a team of four Commercial Business Officers providing procurement brokerage for our 57 Public Sector Members. Other responsibilities include running EOI’s and Soft Market Testing using our technology platforms along with lead generation, helping grow our client base even further.

Can has progressed significantly in the short time he has been with the team and we cant wait to see him reach his full potential.


The Major Works 19 Portal from The London Construction Programme has been built with communication and compliance at its core. From the clients perspective, it presents significant opportunities to bring efficiency to the procurement process, taking pressure away from internal resource. Having been developed with input from both client side and contractor side organisations, it provides the opportunity for greater communication and collaboration, a theme that is becoming more and more important particularly in the current market conditions.

Patrick Hollins – Project Manager (Major Works Framework) –
London Fire Brigade

This was the first time using the LCP platform, and it was easy to use and navigate around. The team were very helpful around assisting in setting up and running through the process for using the system. We received good engagement from suppliers for the Lot which we were using. Key features of the system which I liked was the automatic ranking of scores and ease of document upload.

Roopam Bhachu – Procurement Project Manager –
Camden Council

Working for a busy Estates and FM team as part of Kew, the DPS has enabled us to speed up the procurement process. Putting in place a more efficient and effective procurement system. It allows Kew as a public organisation to go to the market and find contractors who have the specialist knowledge and experience Kew requires, ensuring that contractors have the necessary qualifications from the onset to work with Kew.

Jamal Jimenez – Project Manager (DPS) –
Kew Gardens

The excellent induction enabled us to implement a strategy utilising the DPS. Throughout the tender period and post tender review, the LCP were able to steer the process to a compliant conclusion. The objectives of the procurement process were met within an exceptionally short time period to the advantage of the council and the project.

John Blighton – Project Manager (DPS) –
Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The LCP DPS was an easy to use online portal that enabled us to successfully undertake our procurement exercise. The LCP solution was user friendly and allowed us to retain control over the end-to-end procurement process.

Dominic D’Souza – Procurement Manager (DPS) –
Hammersmith & Fulham Council

The DPS enables the procurement process to be straightforward and the system is effective and user friendly. Haringey LCP are always ready to help and offer solutions to our questions. They also have good knowledge of both procurement and the DPS portal and can therefore provide effective solutions to ensure the DPS meets the complexities of individual tenders.

Jamal Jimenez – Project Manager (DPS) –
Kew Gardens