Dynamic Purchasing Systems


We have two advanced Dynamic Purchasing Systems covering Minor Works and Professional Services. Each platform provides access to pre-qualified supply chains covering various works and services.

The Process

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How to become a supplier?London Construction Programmes Dynamic Purchasing Systems are created in collaboration with a technology partner called ‘adam’. When registering you will be directed to adam’s suppliers page called the Demand Site.
How to become LCP Member?London Construction Programmes Dynamic Purchasing Systems are created in collaboration with a technology partner called ‘adam’. When registering you will be directed to adam’s suppliers page called the Demand Site.

Features & Benefits

Sustain and grow your business: Access a much broader range of local and regional construction projects that meet your skillset

Showcase your organisation: LCP suppliers can bring their brands to life by highlighting service value, differentiation and quality to a wider, relevant potential market

Boost your credibility: Gaining accreditation to and being associated with an LCP approved DPS’ helps boost your organisation’s status

Compliance with Public Contracts Regulations

Access to an accredited and compliant supply chain

Ability to grow your marketplace and drive competition


How do we access the Dynamic Purchasing System?

Please follow the appropriate link under The Process – how to become a supplier.


In order to access the LCP DPS or Major works Framework you should contact the team by emailing LCP@haringey.gov.uk or complete the contact us form found on the LCP website. You will then be contacted by a designated Commercial Business Officer who will send you the access agreement and provide support.

Contact us
What does it cost to join the Dynamic Purchasing System for suppliers?

It is free for all suppliers to join the DPS.

How do I join the Dynamic Purchasing System?

You can follow the links on the Dynamic Purchasing System tab of this website.

What tenders can I see and respond to once I have been approved?

You can see any opportunities for service categories you have selected at enrolment stage. 

Do I need to create a separate enrolment for each tender opportunity?

No, you will only need to complete the accreditation and enrolment once. You must however ensure all supporting documentation such as insurances are kept update to date otherwise your enrolment will become expired and you will be suspended for any future tenders until you have uploaded the required documents. 

Useful Docs

The Major Works 19 Portal from The London Construction Programme has been built with communication and compliance at its core. From the clients perspective, it presents significant opportunities to bring efficiency to the procurement process, taking pressure away from internal resource. Having been developed with input from both client side and contractor side organisations, it provides the opportunity for greater communication and collaboration, a theme that is becoming more and more important particularly in the current market conditions.

Patrick Hollins – Project Manager (Major Works Framework) –
London Fire Brigade

This was the first time using the LCP platform, and it was easy to use and navigate around. The team were very helpful around assisting in setting up and running through the process for using the system. We received good engagement from suppliers for the Lot which we were using. Key features of the system which I liked was the automatic ranking of scores and ease of document upload.

Roopam Bhachu – Procurement Project Manager –
Camden Council

Working for a busy Estates and FM team as part of Kew, the DPS has enabled us to speed up the procurement process. Putting in place a more efficient and effective procurement system. It allows Kew as a public organisation to go to the market and find contractors who have the specialist knowledge and experience Kew requires, ensuring that contractors have the necessary qualifications from the onset to work with Kew.

Jamal Jimenez – Project Manager (DPS) –
Kew Gardens

The excellent induction enabled us to implement a strategy utilising the DPS. Throughout the tender period and post tender review, the LCP were able to steer the process to a compliant conclusion. The objectives of the procurement process were met within an exceptionally short time period to the advantage of the council and the project.

John Blighton – Project Manager (DPS) –
Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The LCP DPS was an easy to use online portal that enabled us to successfully undertake our procurement exercise. The LCP solution was user friendly and allowed us to retain control over the end-to-end procurement process.

Dominic D’Souza – Procurement Manager (DPS) –
Hammersmith & Fulham Council

The DPS enables the procurement process to be straightforward and the system is effective and user friendly. Haringey LCP are always ready to help and offer solutions to our questions. They also have good knowledge of both procurement and the DPS portal and can therefore provide effective solutions to ensure the DPS meets the complexities of individual tenders.

Jamal Jimenez – Project Manager (DPS) –
Kew Gardens