Collaborative Working for Major Works


In London, the LCP aims to explore and deliver any benefits that might be realised through collaborative working between LCP members  and other public sector organisations within London.


LCP’s strategic aim is for London’s public sector commissioning authorities and buying organisations to work collectively to achieve higher benchmarks using their respective strengths and combined resources.


The LCP partnership goal is to avoid duplication and inefficiency in construction procurement and maximise value for money from construction projects by aligning and harmonising the supply market offer available to public sector commissioners in London.


LCP aims to cut the cost and risk of localised procurement and achieve better value for money outcomes from construction projects through collaboration.


It does this by maximising outcomes and benefits, and avoiding duplication of effort leveraging the combined buying power of London’s public sector and associated buying organisations, and making available collaboratively procured framework agreements and contracts, to help deliver construction projects more efficiently and effectively to client organisations and provide a centralised market to suppliers.


By re-engineering construction procurement in London on a collaborative footing, LCP partners are already saving commissioning organisations significant man-hours, duplication of effort and fees; plus increasing compliance and reducing risk management costs.


To access the framework, please contact, who have led on this procurement. The framework is free at the point of use and a levy is charged to the contractors. You will need to sign an Access Agreement to use this framework which will give you access to the documentation.


Housing, New Build and Refurbishment, Education, and other areas including Leisure, Care, Health, Industrial, Commercial and Administrative, (inclusive of fit out), new build and refurbishment. For further details go to the EU advert in the OJEU notice link above.


The contractors on this framework are also outlined in the above, LCP Major Works Framework Agreement Contractor List document.

Building efficiencies into procurement

LCP’s Framework Agreement brings efficiencies in the form of cost control, quality of outcomes, process standardisation and class-leading performance management.
offers clear benefits for both clients and providers in terms of:

Benchmarking performance: Based on Constructing Excellence, LCP’s KPI framework and specialist KPI Engine ensure optimum performance monitoring and management of each project. Aggregation of performance data from projects across London allows LCP to offer benchmarking of both client and provider performance in order to drive continuous improvement.