What we do


Our specialism is to design, create and maintain construction, property and estates related dynamic purchasing systems and frameworks that are accessible to our members.

Our commercial vehicles provide our members with a number of distinct benefits including instant access to suitably qualified and experienced Works Contractors and Consultants, supported by simplified and easy to use procurement processes that deliver value for money solutions for the UK tax payer.

We continually look at new ways to improve our services for our members and on offering greater opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger suppliers.

As a key infrastructure client in London we engage with our suppliers, sharing pipeline information to shape the market, drive innovation, and invigorate and sustain a diverse portfolio of national, regional and local suppliers.

Developing a competitive environment enables us to leverage effective supplier delivery and ensure our members’ performance and affordability needs are met.

We pride ourselves in achieving a high rate of client satisfaction by providing expertise and commercial advice in the construction environment and helping our members to:

  • Deliver tangible targeted efficiency savings
  • Reduce construction and external consultancy costs
  • Deliver projects on time, within budget and to the required quality
  • Reduce risk
  • Support sustainability and drive innovation in construction
  • Support the capture and implementation of central and local initiatives (e.g. Air Quality. London Living Wage, Apprenticeships etc)
  • Reduce contractual disputes, claims and litigation

In developing new commercial vehicles such as the new Major Works Framework which we are planning to implement in May 2019, we work closely with the construction market place, the Local Government Association and the National Association of Construction Frameworks to ensure we capture and share information and best practice in Construction.



Market access:

Tailored to the London market by London public sector authorities, LCP Major Works Frameworks and DPS schemes brings together consultancies, contractors and suppliers with appropriate and sufficient supply-chain capacity, skills and capability to provide the full spectrum of works and services needed to support a wide range of construction, estates and projects

Depth and quality of provider services:

Utilisation of a modern construction framework and DPS schemes put in place in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, provides a broad and varied range of works and services to the quality and cost required by our members

Standardised contracts, performance, data and reporting:

Standard forms of contracts and standardised performance information removes the need to develop bespoke contracts and project-specific performance information. In-built flexibility enables quicker and more cost effective commissioning of works and services within a clearly defined procurement process

Management Fees:

The LCP Major Works Framework is transparently funded through activity based income mechanisms. The DPS transparently funded by LCP members, through an annual subscription charge.