What we do

London Construction Programme (LCP) is an organisation of local authorities and partners established to develop a pan-London construction strategy. LCP’s framework agreements, contracts and construction Category Management support services can bring efficiencies to the public sector in the form of quality of outcomes, process standardisation and class-leading performance management within the construction environment.

LCP is committed to obtaining efficiencies and improvements in construction. It is the intention of the LCP to explore innovation in the industry and work with providers to meet the government targets of:

‘33% lower costs; 50% faster delivery and 50% lower emissions’ – (source: ‘Industrial Strategy: Government and Industry in Partnership Construction 2025’ – July 2013, HM Government).

The following are the methods which the LCP will be using under this framework to help to achieve these targets, which follow current Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) guidelines:

  • Use of the PAS91: 2013 PQQ
  • Use of two stage tendering processes
  • Collaboration with, integration of, and utilising innovation from, second tier supply chains to drive down costs and increase efficiency
  • Use of regular ‘Meet the Buyer’ events/workshops with potential second tier supply chains to engage SMEs
  • Use of Life Cycle Costing
  • Use of BIM level 2 on all projects over £1m in value (approximately)
  • Use of sustainable construction
  • Promotion of innovative apprenticeship schemes (including workshops, training, recruitment fairs/events etc
  • Promoting a culture of partnership and innovation with providers including capturing successful innovation

Market access:

Tailored to the London market by London public sector authorities, LCP Frameworks and Contracts bring together consultancies, contractors and suppliers with appropriate and sufficient supply-chain capacity, skills and capability to provide the full spectrum of supplies and services needed to support a wide range of construction projects, across all areas and types of construction and facilities management work.

Depth and quality of provider services:

Pre-defined service specifications, based on construction industry and public procurement best practice, ensure clients get more than a basic service from each of the Framework Agreements and associated providers.

Standardised contracts, performance, data and reporting:

Pre-defined contracts and standardised performance information removes the need to develop project-specific
management. In-built flexibility enables quicker and more cost effective commissioning within a defined process.

Management Fees:

Each LCP Framework is transparently funded through either subscriptions or activity based rebate mechanisms.