Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services


On 1st April 2019, the LCP launched a DPS for the delivery of Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services tailored to meet the needs of current and future LCP members.
See the LCP – PS – OJEU Contract Notice.

The objective being to provide access to a greater range of Professional Services with a wide choice of Suppliers including Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

The Professional Services DPS is open to existing and future LCP members for projects in London and surrounding home counties.


Description of Services under the DPS

The specialist services procured under the DPS are wide and varied and cover all aspects of construction, estates and property professional services which include:

Service Category No  Description of Services


1 Construction related Multi-Disciplinary Services
2 Construction Project Management Services
3 Highways and Transport Services
4 Public Realm and Landscape
5 Architectural and Urban Planning
6 Mechanical & Electrical Services
7 Civil & Structural Engineering Services
8 Quantity Surveying Services
9 Building Surveying Services
10 Construction Health and Safety Advisor (CDM 2015)
11 BREEAM Assessors
12 Specialist Environmental Surveys
13 Asbestos Advisory Services and Surveys
14 Site Supervision/Clerk of Works for Construction Projects
15 Environmental, Sustainability & Waste
16 Fire Services
17 General Advice on Estates and Property Management
Ancillary Services


Duration of the DPS

The DPS will run for an initial term of 7 years with an option to extend on a rolling 12-month basis for a further period of up to 5 years.

How do Suppliers apply to join the DPS?

  1. Suppliers wishing to join the Professional Services DPS can do so by clicking HERE.
  2. Please then scroll down to London Construction Programme and select ‘sign up’.
  3. All relevant documentation including Entry Guides can be found by clicking ‘2 categories to view’ and selecting ‘Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services’.
  4. See the Entry guides:
  5. Entry Guide 1 – How to become and approved supplier?
  6. Entry Guide 2 – How will it work?


How do LCP Members access the Professional Services DPS?

Members wishing to access LCP DPS for Professional Services can do so by contacting LCP@haringey.gov.uk


DPS for Professional Services Training Section

Please see the generic Training guides for using the LCP/ADAM platform.


If you are an LCP Member wishing to access the DPS, please contact the LCP on LCP@haringey.gov.uk.

If you are a Supplier wanting to enrol to the LCP DPS for Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services, please visit http://demand.sproc.net/ClientDetails


Service provision will be across a wide range of sectors including (but not limited to) Housing, Education, Social Services, Care, Health, Environmental, Highways, General etc.


There are 19 Service Categories under the DPS and Suppliers can choose which Categories they wish to be part of.
The DPS procurement document provides a description of the services to be provided under each Service Category

Building efficiencies into procurement

LCP’s Framework Agreement brings efficiencies in the form of cost control, quality of outcomes, process standardisation and class-leading performance management.
It offers clear benefits for both clients and providers in terms of:
Benchmarking performance – Based on Constructing Excellence, LCP’s KPI framework and specialist KPI Engine ensure optimum performance monitoring and management of each project. Aggregation of performance data from projects across London allows LCP to offer benchmarking of both client and provider performance in order to drive continuous improvement.