Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Minor Works


The LCP intends to put in place a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of minor works projects valued up to £1m (although some projects may exceed this value) to be utilised by members of LCP and other public sector organisations in London.

The works to be procured under the proposed DPS are likely to be wide and varied and cover all aspects of construction, including:

  • A broad range of building work to include (but not limited to) new build, repair and maintenance, structural repairs, carpentry, joinery, roofing, external civil works, partitioning, plastering, painting and decorating, mechanical and electrical services etc.
  • A broad range of highways and parks work to include (but not limited to) landscaping work for parks, highway/ road repair and maintenance, line marking, street furniture defects, street lighting, gully cleaning, drainage and ducting etc.

The new DPS for minor works will complement the existing LCP major works framework (and the planned successor to the existing major works framework) and the LCP DPS for Construction, Estates and Property professional services to provide LCP members with a comprehensive suite of commercial arrangements that have been put in place in full compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and represent a compliant route to market.

We will update this page at each stage of the project.

Meanwhile, if you wish to discuss your minor works requirements for incorporation in the planned DPS please contact: Steve Clarke / LCP-DPS-Services@haringey.gov.uk


Wide and varied range of building, construction, highways and parks works


Works provision will be across a wide range of sectors including (but not limited to) Housing, Education, Social Services, Care, Health, Environmental, Highways, General etc.


The intention is to have the new DPS up and running by February 2019 following the completion of an OJEU procurement process

Building efficiencies into procurement

LCP’s Framework Agreement brings efficiencies in the form of cost control, quality of outcomes, process standardisation and class-leading performance management.
offers clear benefits for both clients and providers in terms of:

Benchmarking performance: Based on Constructing Excellence, LCP’s KPI framework and specialist KPI Engine ensure optimum performance monitoring and management of each project. Aggregation of performance data from projects across London allows LCP to offer benchmarking of both client and provider performance in order to drive continuous improvement.