LCP’s Framework Agreements offer a valuable resource to London-based commissioners of construction and facilities management projects.
The efficiencies available from LCP Framework Agreements means projects should be delivered for lower cost, with greater ease and with greater transparency than before.

Benchmarking performance: Based on Constructing Excellence, the LCP KPI framework and specialist KPI Engine ensure optimum performance monitoring and management of each project. Aggregation of performance data from projects across London allows LCP to offer benchmarking of both client and provider performance in order to drive continuous improvement.

The intention is that by Commissioning Organisations acting in a collaborative environment is to:-

  • Aggregation of effort, resource and spend
  • Standardise procurement, design and delivery
  • Common specifications where possible
  • Share best practice
  • Achieve efficiencies
  • Encourage local clusters of authorities to develop work programmes to drive out efficiencies
  • KPI’s to measure:
  • Performance
  • Predictability of cost and time.


At LCP we are aligning, (where possible), the construction project KPI’s to those established nationally by the National Association of Construction Frameworks (

These KPI’s cover :-

  • Predictability of Time – Construction / Predictability of Cost – Construction;
  • Client Satisfaction with the Product / Client Satisfaction with Service;
  • Defects / Waste To Landfill Percentage / Carbon per £100,000 project turnover / Project Health and Safety;
  • Apprenticeship weeks / Predictability of Local Labour / SME Engagement / SME Spend;
  • £ per m2  Commit to Construct / £ per m2 Available to Use / Consultants Fee percentage Commit to Construct;
  • Consultants Fee percentage Available for Use / Considerate Constructors.

Some of these will only cover small projects.

We know that many LCP client organisations are at an early stage of project development, and are not yet at a point where they can submit project performance data. However we do want clients and consultants to be informed and ready to submit performance data for their live projects.

Consultants will ultimately be able to generate reports based on the data entered to demonstrate performance to clients. Clients and the LCP will be able to benchmark performance across projects to identify good practice and areas for continuous improvement. Contact us to discuss how to facilitate this.

Please email the London Construction Programme at for details.

For commissioning clients

Immediate access to a quality-assured supply market where contracts are established simply, easily and flexibly and provider performance is benchmarked.

For providers

Simplified, standardised contracting and performance management where contract risk is balanced between client and provider.

LCP offers framework agreements, contracts and category management support to deliver construction projects more efficiently and effectively across the capital.

Televiv Harry, LCP Framework Manager